The documentation of births is a practice widely held throughout human civilization, specially in China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Persia. The original purpose of birth registration was for tax purposes and for the determination of available military manpower. Births were initially registered with churches, who maintained registers of births. This practice continued into the 19th century. The compulsory registration of births with governmental agencies is a practice that originated in the United Kingdom in 1853.
      The Indian Civil Registration System was first introduced in the last century as an aid to the Public Health Administration. Registration under this system was voluntary and the various provinces and states had different legislations and there was lack of standardization of concepts, definitions and classifications. After the enactment of RBD Act in 1969, a uniform piece of legislation, replaced all the diverse laws. 
How to register birth:
  • In Kerala the time limit prescribed for reporting the birth and Death events is within twenty one days of its occurrence.
  • Persons required to register births and deaths: In respect of births and deaths in a house, the head of the house and  in the absence of any such person, the oldest adult male person present therein during the said period.
  • In respect of births and deaths in a hospital the medical officer in charge or any person authorized by him in his behalf
  • In respect of a birth or death in a moving vehicle, the person in charge of the vehicle shall give  information at the first place of halt.
  • Delayed Registration:Any birth or death of which information is given to the Registrar after the expiry of 21 days but within thirty days of its occurrence, shall be registered on payment of  late fee Rs.2/-
  •  Any births or deaths which delayed information is given to the Registrar after 30 days but within one year of its occurrence shall be registered only with the written permission of the District registrar and on payment of the prescribed late fee Rs.5/-  and the production of an affidavit made before a notary public or gazetted officer
  •  Any birth or death which has not been registered within one year of its occurrence shall be registered only on an order made by a magistrate of the first class or Presidency Magistrate after verifying the correctness of the birth or death and on payment of the late fee Rs.10/-
  • Registration of name of child:Where the birth of any child has been registered without a name, the parent or guardian of such child shall give information within one year regarding the name of the child to the registrar.
How to get birth certificate:
  • Application affixed with court fee stamp worth Rs.5/-  has to be submitted in the local body institution (panchayat/municipality/corporation/cantonment office) where the event took place. Father and mother should sign in the application  form for registering  name of the child. 
  • Fee for birth certificate is Rs.5/-. Late fee for regestering name  after one year of birth registration is Rs.5/-  and search fee for one year is Rs.2 ( total Rs.12/-)
Documents needed:
  • Attested copy of SSLC book/ extract of school admission register.
  • Affidavit signed by parents showing order of birth of all children.
  • If the difference of date of birth in school certificate and actual date of birth is more than ten months, documents to prove date of birth of all the children should be attached.
  • Stamp paper of Rs.10/-  in the name of applicant.
  • ID proof of parents.
There is on line facility for getting birth certificate ( Online Birth Certificates are permitted as a valid age proof document for School admission procedures (G.O(M.S) No. 173/10/ Dated 02/09/2010) But for name inclusion application has to be submitted in local body offices as described above.


Registration of events reported to the Registrar within 21 days from the Date of Occurrence of that event
Registration of events reported to the Registrar after 21 days but within 30 days from the Date of Occurrence of that event
Registration of events reported to the Registrar after 30 days but within one year from the Date of Occurrence of that event
Registration of events that are not registered within one year from the Date of Occurrence of that event
Name inclusion of the Child in the Birth Register after 12 months from the Date of Registration of birth (without recording child’s name)
Search for a single entry in the first year for the search is made
For every additional year for which the search is continued
For granting extract relating to each birth or death under Section 17 of the RBD Act,1969
For granting NAC( non-availability certificate) of birth or death


    1. My daughter aged 8 years old named ANJANA.K.V. Now I want to change her name to ANJANA JITH.K.V.when I enquired the Matter from where the certificate already registerd, they says there is a govt rule that the school admission certificate with the name ANJANA JITH.K.V should be produced.But as per the present law the school certificate had the name in the Bith certificate.What can I do to change the name of may daughter?

      1. name of a child as per school records will be entered in the birth register .any name can be entered in this register before school ur case, u can select from the following 2 options. ( 1) Anjana,K,V, is a very good name and changing her name will cause a series of problems in her future.( i am placing this as first option bcoz i am facing this type of well studied but unfortunate students every day) (2) You can notify the change of name in the official Govt Gazette.the effect of name change will start from the notification date only.The name in the birth register will not be changed as per the notification.but the new name can be included as alias name (eg. ANJANA.K.V @ ANJANA JITH .K.V ).you have to produce the copy of the gazette notification every time with the school record in which the old name is recorded.
        any doubt ? call me without hesitation (Kerala mobile 9447675747 )

    2. when i have applied for birth certificate . the authority says that they have all ready given the birth certificate with another name. and they do not have any proof that i have applied before and they are not willing to accept what we say.they have given me the slip to get the birth certificate. what can i do now

      1. please publish the details ie name of the child,place,regn office,name in school register, mistakenly entered name etc,,,,, sreekumar 9447675747

    3. Good and informative post. Keep going...

    4. Informative post. Thanks You. Birth Certificate registration and replacement information for the UK. Order an online birth certificate for the United Kingdom

    5. My son is 3.5 years old. The name in his birth certificate is Jishnu.S. We want to change it as Abhinav Satheesh. Is it possible to change the name in birth certificate before school admission? What is the procedure? Or can we enter the new name for school admission and the name can be corrected in birth certificate afterwords? Please help.

    6. I was Born on 1984 in Kolencherry Medical Mission Hospital. But still my parents doesnot apply for my Birth certificate. They didn't know the priority of that. Here i wuld like to know how can i get my Birth certificate eventhough its late?

    7. i was born in1987 july 7,but all my other documents including s.s.l.c book and passport got dob may 17 1986.
      now i ned my birth certificate to go abroad,how can i change birth certificate,pls let me knw ,

    8. in my bc my fathrs name is abu,but actually d currect name is al other certificates its recorded as can i currect my bc ?ma father has died before 15 years back..and he is educated upto 2nd i couldnt produce any school certificate of him...plz help me,how can i ma bc ?

    9. my name is jithin s but on my birth certificate it is written as githin how should i change my name

    10. how to change the house name in the birth certificate? in my all records it is pazhayidam. but in my birth certificate it is kizhakkekudy. i have hospital certificate, village officer certificate, my father's school certificate, and my documents like sslc , voters id, aadhar, ration card etc containing it as pazhayidam.. kindly please give me an immediate reply.

    11. i have issue from Applicant. mother can said that in to chile Birth Certificate Father name is not displayed. is it possible...?
      There is any rule for Father name is not entered in birth Certifiacte. Pls info. me.Thankyou.